Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coloured Apothecary Layout

Here's the coloured version of my apothecary layout.
-The light sources are the candles on the right side of the frame (in the foreground and middleground). Their lighting is reflected in the circular pattern of light, as well as the orange-tinted highlights and speculars in the composition.
- I tried to use the shadows to frame the staging area.
- Speculars on on most shiny surfaces facing the candles and near enough to the strongly-lit area of the composition. They help pick out the edges of the middleground pieces as well as define the bottles, jars and equipment.
- the focus point is the desk and cash register. It is the lightest part of the frame and is framed by the shadows cast by the candles.
- This is a three-point perspective layout.
- The only elements of rim-lighting are on the flask of green liquid in the very bottom right corner of the frame.
- I tried to use a somewhat complimentary colour scheme. The composition moves from dark, blue, shadowy areas to bright, orange candlelight.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Redone, but still needs work.